Watch crowd stampede on Chinese subway after one man faints sparking mass panic

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Video LoadingVideo UnavailableClick 【红叶心水高手论坛百度 】to playTap to playThe video will start in8CancelPlay now If you want to see the effect of mob mentality, watch this video. 【香港马会精准六肖刘伯温 】A man in a green【大树招风富家人打一肖 】 shirt sitting on a metro train suddenly collaps【2017一132期新版跑狗图 】es and within seconds the carriage empties. Not one person goes to his aid. Not only that, but【00934玄机藏宝图 】 at the n【2019年第117期香港高清正版:管家婆:一句话赢大钱 】ext station peopl【2020六开彩开桨结果 】e start runn

ing from the train and their actions start off a sta【河南打一肖 】

mpede【白姐四不像网站 】. Many 【吠月亮少见多怪打一肖 】of the commuters appear to have no idea why they are running but they fear something is terribly【东方心经ab正版2020年 】 wrong. Yet the whole terrifying episode is sparked off by one man who has simply fainted. People have grown increasingly jittery on the Chinese 【三房两厅两卫装修效果图 】Underground (Image: Getty) Later in the video you can see 【2018第19期老版跑狗图 】him recovering with the help of su【财神爷资料论坛 】bway staff. The video was 【2020高清跑狗图玄机图50期 】taken in the 【2017年149期马报资料 】wor【看三门中特打一肖 】lds largest city, Shanghai in China with a population of more than 24 million. It isnt the first time subway riders have shown a tendency to【旧版087期跑狗图 】 run from anything out of the【十年无错绝杀一码公式 】 ordinary. In February, a female

passenger’s cell phone on a 【周公解梦玄机图(10) 】Line 8 train started to emit smoke, someone shouted FIRE! and within seconds people were falling ov【喜哥论坛 】er each other in a desperate

ef【2019第114期马报资料 】fort to get out, dropping the【_28期四不像一肖中图片 】ir belongings in the process. Locals blame the edginess on a spate of public attacks by knife-wielding assailan【管家婆自动更新图 大全 】ts on locations including public train station【2017年67期跑狗马图 】s. All appears calm here but mob mentality rules if 【2020年第056期的跑狗图 】anything happ【三中二平特多少倍 】ens (Image: G【必中孙权打一肖 】etty) Extra security che【180管家婆跑马图 】cks have been brought in but people remain nervous and the lea【财富赢家报七星彩图009 】st thing can set them off. When one goes, they all go. Othe【香港正挂挂牌 新版 】r subway panics have occurred in Guan【小龙人心水论坛168 】gzhou and Beijing. In June, six p【49王中王 】ass【三连肖三中二配吗? 】engers wereinjured when a passen【赌神通天报玄机图 】ger who had fallen ill and fainted caused panicked pas【管家婆看图解码 】sengers to flood out of a Line 3 train at Me

ihuayuan Station in Guangzhou 【郑州阳光嘉园二手房源 】around lunchtime. That same month, a fight brok【世人见我重泰山打一肖 】e out between a couple of commuters causing other passengers to flee Beijing’s Guomao station, a busy transfer point for Line 1 and Line 10. The crush was such that many people fell to the ground in the p

anic. In response, the Chinese ne

ws agency X【彩霸王中王六肖期期准 】inhua wrote an article calling for a management 【六开彩平码开奖历史记录 】system so people don’t just blind【彩富网最快报码 cf 】l【手机看开奖找262kjcom 】y follow each other. If yo【跑狗2015年152期玄机图 】u do anythin【银海布衣天下图库2 】g unusua【鸡狗升天定有码打一肖 】l and you find yourself alone (Image: Getty) Wang Zhongwu, a sociolog【葡京赌侠诗2016年全年资料大全 】y professor at Shandong【白姐论坛一资料中心 】 University tol【白姐每期资料大全 】d Xinhua: To flee in an emergency is due to la【cc彩球红蓝黄绿紫财神报 】ck of ne【喜欢打扮的动物打一肖中特开奖 】cessary security knowledg【管家婆香港幽默玄机图 】e. People often follow others in emergencies.”