Five men and boat stopped by police 'on way to Indonesia and then Syria to join ISIS'

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Fi【东方心经黑白图库2017 】ve men were 【2020年零九期马报资料 】arr

ested after police 【天线宝宝水果心水论坛 】stopped them from sailing to Indonesia, where it is believed they were【亿打一肖 】 heading 【二四六好彩期期30码中特 】to join IS【平肖001 】【2020香港赛马资讯 】IS . Australian cops busted the 【四肖八码期期准资 】suspects near to the Cape York peninsu【白小姐一肖一码急中很中特 】lar in Queensland, where they w【必中八肖卡 】ere towing a 24ft cab【好运彩论坛 】in cruiser . It is believed the men【0149香港特马王中王 】 were p【普京赌侠免费一肖中 】lanning to travel to Indonesia be【香港三分彩走势图官网 】fore makin【2020年第99期跑狗图随便说 】g it to Syria by lan【六三看玄机指什么数字 】d to join the terror【赛马会两头中特码 】ist group. A police convoy stopped the men last night, reported The Times. All o【白 姐四肖免费资料大全 】f the

men had their Australian passports cancelled because of their suspecte

d links to ISIS and are being held on suspicion of【2020香港赛马会网站 】 foreign incursion o【香港福彩门户挂牌 】ffenc【今期必中吕洞兵打一肖 】e【童子招财 】s. The boa

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hat was stopped (Image: Reut【2O18年17期跑狗图 】ers) Attor【双色球开奖记录2020年24期 】ney general George【中特答案汇总 】 Brandis said: The suspicion i

s th【腾讯收入财报2020 】at they were seeking to leave Australia by ve【2020年053期今天特马生肖图 】ssel to avoid the fa

ct 【2020年四肖八码版 】【2019年111期跑狗四不像图 】that they couldn’t travel by air because their passports had been【2018年20期六开彩开奖结果 】 cancelled. The group r【六台彩资枓玄机图 】eport【2017年083期跑狗图 】edly include【知二五而下知十打一肖 】s Musa Cerantonio, who

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ell known in his hometown【一朝天子一朝臣打一肖 】 of Melb【资讯新址246天天好彩文图 】ourne as a Muslim pr【2020年141欺四不像玄机图 】eacher. Oth【三d布衣图库65119 】er suspects, w【疏雨过中条打一生肖 】ho a

re age【2016年生肖八句中特诗 】d between 21 and 33, reportedl【期期二肖免费 】y includ【8888jk开奖现场 】e Shayden Th【老钱庄心水论坛资料 高手 】orne who served three years in a Saudi prison for offences re【神算子电脑版下载 】lated to terrorism. Neil Gaughan, 【唐三藏救世密报 】deputy commissioner of the 【香港马报12生肖分别是哪些数字 】Australian federal police, said【2020马报头像 】: The fact that they’d g【118心水高手论坛 百度 】one all the way from Melbourne

, all t【2.19年开奖记录 】he way to far north Queensland, 【六开彩开奖61期2020年 】indicates that t【大丰收心水论坛就 】hese people were extremely committed in … their a【报码器下载软件 】ttempt to leave the country.