Search for dog 'snatched by seagull' called off after rescuers face online abuse

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Volunteers s【二六九打一肖 】earching for a dog believed to h【118新跑狗图 】ave been sn【香港马会349999 com 】atched by a seagull are calling off the h【2020年48期高清跑狗图 】unt - because of online abuse theyve faced. Becca Hill, 24, says her dog Gizmo was sna【105期新版跑狗图 】tched on Sunday by a seagull from her home garden in Paignton, Devon.  S【2020_管家婆045期彩图 】he said her partner was putting out the laundry when the four-year-old pet was taken. Member【六开彩开奖现场直播 百度 百度 百度 】s of UAV Lost Dog Search and Rescue, which has been leadin【马报生肖图2017年 】g the search operation, say they and their families have been abus【管家婆水心论坛 一码爆料 】ed onl【二四六天天免费资料四 】ine and h【五个号码复式二中二多少组 】ave been harassed by the media. A spokesman posted on Facebook : Sadly at this

time Gizmo the Chihauhau remains mi【马会资料开奖记录结果查询 】ssing from his home in Paignton with no viable sightings / information for our team to actively【火土特肖有你看猜生肖 】 follow up.【管家婆彩图本期2o18 】 Becca says he was snatched from

a 【重庆时时开奖直播下 】seagull while in t【十二生肖四不像指哪几个 】heir home garden (Image: SWNS) Read MoreRelated ArticlesChihuahua snatched by seagull still alive in gar【跑狗 】den with water -

says psychic Therefore we have to advise people that we will not now be the lead team in the searc

h for Gizmo. A number of factors have led us to make

this very difficult decision and this is one which we have not had to make before and have struggled to do so. The constant pr【2020年049期跑狗玄机图 】ess intr【香港王中王高手猛料免费资料大全 】usion / harassment and also online harassment of members of our 

team is no longer acceptable especially when we are quite blatantly being follow【最早更新跑狗图高清 】ed when out and about. The four-year-old has captured international attention since he【四肖赢天下图 】 went missing on Sunday (Image: SWNS) It is fear【三求六真二相求打一肖 】ed the dog may have been dropped or 【香港包青天公益论坛 】kille【一054期新版跑狗图 】d (Image: PA) Read MoreRelat【买八肖 】ed ArticlesSeagull snatches chihuahua Gizmo 【6合彩117期特码图 】from garden - leav【六开彩二十三期开奖结果 】ing dogs owner distraught Read MoreTop news stories fro【2015年曾道人铁算盘资料大全 】m Mirror OnlineSnow causes treacherous conditionsBritain to rescue trapped UK 

citizensMiracle 【赛马会一句中特码 】tot 【3g网址大全3ghn 】saved despite heart stoppingKobe helicopter given speci【今期跑狗图新报跑狗 】al clearance We are all volunteers who give up our time without question to help those【东南窗跑狗玄机图 】 who may need it however there is a limit【2016年合五并三八中特 】 to what【万众堂资料大全 】 ourselves and our families should h【118小六图库 】ave to endure and sadly on this 【天线宝宝正版理财婆每期自动更新 】particul【查一下2007年的九肖王 】ar case that limit has been reached. The post asked the public to direct any questio

ns to the family, 【1355456白小姐特网 】before adding: Our whole 【141期新版跑狗图每期更新 】team hope that Gizmo is f【2016年今期跑狗玄机图 】ound soon and we would like to say thank you to all those pe【三肖六码01期 香港 】ople who have looked for hi【红姐图库日月彩图 】m and supported us

so far

,we really do appreciate it, 【2014香港马报12生肖表 】thank you. Becca and her 【海峡国际社区一期二手房 】daug【综合资料六合宝典黄大仙救世网 】hter have been in bits since the incident and have been workin【今晚116期必中四不像图生肖 】g hard to get the dog【氧化酶¤顶尖三肖 】 back. Experts say gulls【财神爷高手之心水论坛 】 are capable of snatching small mammals 【天天二四六文字资大全 】and 【四肖怎么样才算中奖 】fear the dog could have been dropped 【特平一肖大公开 】or possibly killed.